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October 2014
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Jessica [userpic]
Lucero 5.4

Welcome to the last installment of generation five, because at the end of this update is heir poll.

Also, I don't believe I've posted on livejournal yet; I've got a simblr now! (Well, I've had it for a while, but you get the point). Follow me, I follow back! Obviously there will be the typical spoilers, though.

Takora spends a lot of time moodily staring at the camera. Don't look at me, it's not my fault your husband died. Speaking of, he has yet to visit ;~;

Since the last update, I finally got Pets! :D I strategically waited for a new EP to come out so it was super cheap, nearly $20. Thus, I moved the family to Appaloosa Plains. Yep. This bird's name is Squidward (I don't know why).

The last kids to grow into teens finally grew into teenagers. This is Aela, basically a pale version of Takora..
Her traits are workaholic, perceptive, evil & ambitious.

And here's Athis, and also the reason I no longer favor Valtyr. Is that bad? Maybe. Most likely.
His traits are workaholic, loves the outdoors, nurturing, & dog person.

Since uninstalled Late Night, I forced Aela to take up the family cooking since we no longer have a butler. She seems to enjoy it, though.

Athis: Even the bird ladies can't resist this.

Since I have four dogs in real life, obviously the first pet to join the family was a puppy. His name is Chi, and I know he has the skittish trait.. Aela ran from the kitchen to greet him.

Which, of course, turned into a huge kitchen fire.

But he's cute c:

One difference between Chi and my own dogs is two of the dogs are pitbulls and the other two are cane corsos.. Extreme size difference, yes?

Karliah: A teen party? What kind of things are included in these teen parties?
It's about freaking time. First free trips for the adults the game has offered me in two generations.

Hey here's Athis face for reasons.

Revyn: I'm such a hard ass with my flame thrower. I hope a girl comes up here and goes, 'Wow, look at that hardass. He's an attractive hardass'.

Athis: That's right, party at my house! Bring all of your friends, I don't care if I've met them or not, we'll all be tight as hell by the end of the night. 

Over half of the party was sims I had downloaded and shrinked into teens. Fun fact.

Such as this gorgeous guy, Ethan Cole by lunasims. He's a hunk~

Karliah: This isn't where I imagined the night going.
EthanHer boobs are in my face.

Athis grabbed onto my own sim for a spin, Geneva. Selfless self promotion of my own sim, I'm sorry but I just love her so much :c

GenevaHe is awkwardly close to my chest.

Athis: I am awesomely close to her boobs.

Revyn: Teenage parties suck. Who wants to be downstairs with a bunch of losers?

Revyn: Oh jesus sweet mother ow, ow, oh my god.
So much for being a hardass.

And then all of the kids dropped at once.

Seriously. There were passed out kids all over the lot.

Break the sink then eat your third slice of pizza? Fuck you too, girl whom was not invited in the first place.

Revyn: Yes, hello? We're gonna need a plumber. We have encountered a bit of a problem.

Revyn: Actually, somebody clogged the first floor toilets with food, so you might want to send a few of your best plumbers over, really.

Athis spends a lot of time playing with Chi. It's cute, can't lie. I love the tug-of-war interaction.

Takora came back from the vacation finally smiling. Seriously, she's been moody as hell since Link (uselaforce) passed.

Chi aged into an adult! His pink eye turned right on its own, apparently. Look at those ears 


/endspam. Appaloosa Plains is my favorite world ever.

Karliah: Cleaning up the after mess has stressed me out to hell. Seriously, look at my pores. It's like a freaking plant grew on my face. I might as well have the entire damn solar system on my face.

I don't think this picture even has a point. I just like spamming his face.

Aela was the only one that was scolded for the party. Consequently, she sneaked around everywhere for days.

Birthday time!
Karliah: That's right. You're all clapping. Clapping for me.

Karliah: Soaking in the glory.

Fucking legacy hair.

Now, one more shot of your candidates for heir:

Karliah Lucero
absent-minded, brave, dramatic, snob, & computer whiz

Revyn Lucero
Absent-minded, clumsy, eccentric, & lucky.

Athis Lucero
loves the outdoors, nurturing, & dog person.

Aela Lucero
Workaholic, perceptive, evil & ambitious.

Valtyr Lucero
Hates the outdoors, virtuoso, clumsy, & vegetarian.

Poll #1833926 Generation 5 heir poll

Who do you want tt be heir?


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ATHISSSSS <3 bby has a fantastic face, not gonna lie.
Also. Squidward is basically the best name anybody could name a parrot ever. So. Yes. xD
Chi is the cutest thing, I love his random pink eye. Aw. <3
I lol'd at all the boys getting all up in the girls boobs. A clever tactic, that one. Can't wait for gen. 6!

Athis unf. I'm excited for him to age, you have no idea.

I hate birds irl, we had a huge Amazon Parrot that looked exactly like Squidward that died a few weeks ago. I felt bad, so I guess I replaced him.. in the sims >.>

I was so surprised when his eye turned pink! Also.. the black dot on pets eyes.. wtf is wrong with EA. If I knew how, I'd make a default replacement -_-

The girls looked so unamused. I imagined the boys having their little giggle fits and their poor hormones crying.

Thank you for reading bby!

I'm cheap, pay my own cellphone bill, my own gas, and anything that isn't a necessity.. I have to save money and satisfy my gaming wants somehow xD Chi is adorable! :3

Haha, definitely. Athis was the first one to pass out since he was dancing with everybody and being a social butterfly.
Thank you for reading! c:

asdlfjaskdfj ATHIS MUST WIN<3

Thank you for your excitement XD I want him to win too! Thank you for voting c:

ughhh Athis bb.. you get that ginger YOU GET HER
Karliah is so freakin' pretty asfgfhf

Squidward is a beautiful bird name, I must say. And Chi is like the cutest dog ever. I'm glad you got Pets hehehehe. Appaloosa Plains is so awesome. I enjoy your spams of it~

ufghfdgsfas voting for this family is like the hardest thing and it gets harder every generation.. Why woman whyyyy

I'm going to stalk Geneva if Athis wins the heir poll so hard. Seriously, I need to get rid of this god damned brown hair green eyes trend. It's Vern taking over the family genes since the legacy started. Damn purple AND blonde hair haven't killed it out before. Hmph.

I fucking hate birds in real life with a vining fiery passion but I wanted to get a small pet first and I was like hey why not they're colorful right. And I love Appaloosa plains you have no idea. SO MANYRANDOM STRAY ANIMALS THOUGH DAMN.

This has been TE easiest pole yet for me because I'm just like ATHIS HANDS DOWN haha. Thank you voting reading and voting bby c:

Voted for Revyn. I adore him :3
(I apologise for not commenting on previous posts, up to my neck in studying D:)

Thank you for voting! C:

Oh, I totally don't mind haha. I definitely understand. School before simming always :)

This generation was the easiest for me to decide. I love Athis xD

Thank you so much for voting! :3


I just love Athis! ATHIS all the way!!!! :D
Ahh I got so confused in the post though I didn't remember anything about Link's death. But it must have been tragic cause Takora has been crying ALOT. Love You Update as Always :)

I love Athis too! And yeah, I miss Link >.< thank you for reading :)

Soo ... I just read your entire legacy from start to finish!!

I am in love with your sims they are so darn cute I am super jealous! Its so hard to pick between them all !!

I can only hope my sims in my legacy turn out even half as pretty as yours! haha

Looking forward to more! :)

Thank you soo much! ♥ It means so much to me that you say that!

I'm sure it will be, haha. I'll look out for yours to read ♥

not a problem! I really mean it, your sims are gorgeous!

It would mean a lot if you could check out my legacy! Since I am a huge fan of yours <3

I really can't wait to see more :)

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